피아니스트 최은향

“Francesca Eunhyang Choi will make you fall in love with classical music”, By bringing personal and fresh touch into the classical piano repertoire, including their compositions or video projections, Pianist Eunhyang Choi breaks the barriers and invites her audiences on an emotional journey. 

Korean Pianist, Eunhyang Choi is a dynamic musician based in New York City. In addition to pursuing a career as a freelance musician in New York, Ms.Choi frequently Performed in the highest classical music Concert hall In South Korea, Europe, and Canada. 

Pianist Eun-hyang Choi studied music in Daegu, and went to St-petersburg conservatory by meeting pianist Vladimir Poliakov, and studied extensively and deeply in New York in a prestigious, musical depth, philosophy, and colorful environment of various nationalities.

 She, in particular, studied with Russian pianists, whom she studied with the best pianists of Russia in existence, Gregory Sokolov, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Mihail Pletnev, and was greatly influenced by the lineage of the representative pianists of Rush Lang.  In particular, through meeting and training with Nina Lelchuk, the genealogy of Czerny-Rist-Gilotti-Igumnov-Polyer-Blisenko-Pletine, (i.e. Russian pianism in contact with the piano genealogy from Beethoven in Western Europe) became musical  Identity include concerts at world-renowned concert halls and festivals with a distinguished reputation such as Carnegie Hall (NYC, US), Merkin Concert Hall (NYC, US), The HermitageTheatre(St-Petersburg, Russia) St-Petersburg State Capella Concert hall, Rimsky-Korsakov Museum in St-Petersburg, Russia, Solitar at Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria, SCC Concert hall, Lyum Art hall in Seoul, South Korea, Suseong Artpia, and Demange Concert hall in Daegu, South Korea.

The season 2022/23 includes recitals at German, France, Ausrtia, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center in New York, and Prestigious concert hall in Korea, Canada, and Europe.

Eunhyang has performed in Europe with prestigious orchestras such as State St-Petersburg Hermitage Symphonic Orchestra, and Ms.Choi has performed on Live TV and Radio FM Broadcast. Such as “A Catholic concert that fills the heart, rest“. “A delightful classic by Il-Beom Jang.”(CPBC, Live Radio FM Broadcast) and rejoice the lord, and so on. Ms.Choi was featured in Many Newspapers and hailed as “A player who performs fast and accurate, bright and colorful performances. “ A dream performer.”

 In addition to the Platinum medal at the 2022 Canadian International Competition, Eunhyang Choi, who is receiving attention in the domestic and international music world by winning gold medals in Euro Elite, Grand Maestro, Global International, Grand Maestro, Quebec, and NAVI international competitions, debuted in Salzburg with 1st place in Austrian Grand Prize Virtuoso, debuted at Carnegie Hall with 1st prize in the Golden Music Awards international competition. She also took third place in London, Moscow, Carlos, and Sophia in Spain, and Music and awards in Spain.2021-2022 Rapidly winning more than 20 competitions in just one year

Eunhyang made her debut in the hermitage Museum St-Petersburg, Russia where she collaborated under Conductor Mihail Shinkevich who is Mariinsky Theatre in 2006.

Ms. Choi has collaborated with the internationally acclaimed St-Petersburg Hermitage Orchestra under the renowned conductor Mihakil Shinkevich of the Mariinsky Theatre in The Hermitage Museum, one of the most prestigious venues in St-Petersburg, Russia.

As a winner, Ms. Choi was featured in CBS (USA), FOX(USA), NBC(USA), and many Newspapers such as Southeast. news.Nebraska .com,,

Eunhyang will pursue her career in not only New York as Pianist, But also in Korea, Europe, and Canada and will continue to participate in Prestigious International Competition for the next season as a Concert pianist.

Ms. Choi, who was selected as T&B Entertainment's international artist, is scheduled to perform and record in Korea, the United States, and Europe, as well as appear on TV and radio.

피아니스트 최은향 씨는 대구에서 음악공부 후 , St-petersbug conservatory 와 뉴욕에서 다양하고 국제적 환경에서 넓고,깊게 음악을 공부하였습니다. 

특히 현존 하는 러시아 최고의 피아니스트, Gregory Sokolov, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Mihail Pletnev 들과 함께 공부한 러시아 피아니스트들과 공부하며, 러시아 대표적 피아니즘: 체르니-리스트-질로티-이굼노프- 폴리예르 -블리센코-플레티네로 내려진 계보, ( 즉 서유럽 베토벤 으로 부터 내려온 피아노 계보) 가 음악적 뿌리와 정체성이 되었습니다. 한국에서 잠시 연주와 음악활동을 하다 2017 년 다시 미국,뉴욕으로 가서 국제무대에서 피아니스트로 교육자 와 연주자 의 길을 시작하게되고, 2020 년 부터 늦은 나이에도 불구하고 꾸준한 노력으로 20 개의 국제콩쿨 금메달 과 1위를 하며 오스트리아, 유럽의 주요 무대, 러시아,미국 뉴욕 카네기홀, 링컨센터 , 그외 유명 홀에서 연주를 했습니다. 지금보다 앞으로 저명한 콩쿨 출전과 세계 무대,유럽. 미국 캐나다. 한국 에서 연주와 음악활동등이 계획되어 있습니다.